Episode 8: Paying for College Before You Go

Did you know that students fail to claim $3 billion dollars in federal grants every year? Getting scholarships, working, taking college courses, being a star athlete… we offer strategies for paying for college as a high school student with Jessica Parks and Brenda Vaughn.

Episode 7: The Value of a College Degree

Is it worth going to college? We weigh the costs of college against the potential benefits, with insights from Peter Thiel, Morty Shafer, and Mike Rowe.

Episode 6: Kids Part 2

You know… I hope my kids are thinking about saving for my retirement. Morgan Bryant joins us to discuss the upside of chores and a point system that can help children comprehend complex economic systems while watching TV.

Episode 5: Kids Part 1

Did you know that it costs $250,000 to raise a child to the age of 18? With special guest Kimberly Watkins, we discuss the costs of parenting and how to get your kids to have positive attitudes about money… even from infancy!

Episode 4: Couples

Do you know the hardest part of being married? Alongside special guest Megan Ford, we discuss managing and talking about money as a couple. Featuring Dan Ariely.

Episode 3: Credit

Did you know you can be paid to raise your credit score? We discuss creditworthiness with special guests Chris Shupe, Jeff Robert, Sam Stephens, and a bunch of UGA undergraduates.

Episode 2: Happiness

Did you know that winning the lottery makes you less happy? We explore how money buys happiness… or doesn’t… featuring Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, authors of “Happy Money”.

Episode 1: Fees!

Americans spend over $11 billion dollars in bank fees every year. How terrifying! On our first ever episode, we tackle bank fees and feature Elizabeth Warren.