Episode 18: Financial Adulting

Managing finances can be tough… especially for people making the transition out of high school or college. On this episode, hosts Matt Goren and Danny Kofke discuss financial adulting, lifestyle creep, and knocking out student loan debt with special guest Zina Kumok.

Episode 17: Cash Flow

Ever wonder where all your money goes? Michael Thomas and Matt Goren explore how our cash flows in… and flows out… how we can spend less on random nonsense and MORE on what makes us happy. Danny Kofke introduces inspirational Wealthy Person Trent Hamm, founder of the Simple Dollar. And, check out the latest adventure of “The Hardy Men.”

Episode 16: Debt

Did you know 1 in 3 American cars are underwater? We discuss the trillions of dollars Americans owe, how to make a dent in your own debt, and decide… maybe being in debt isn’t so bad after all? Special recurring guest and Wealthy Teacher Danny Kofke is back again – and don’t miss the first ever episode of “Debt Destroyer!”

Episode 15: Investing

We discuss how to get started with investing! Did you know that becoming a millionaire is as easy as 1, 2, 3? We’re joined by special recurring guest Danny Kofke (author of The Wealthy Teacher).

Episode 14: Dating

Here’s a great date idea: have an open and honest discussion about your financial goals! We discuss money and dating with special guests Megan Ford (director of the ASPIRE Clinic and founder of Finding Harmoney) and Apurba Banerjee (Chief Scientist of Brrr and Matt’s frugal girlfriend).

Episode 13: Increasing the Value of a College Degree

College is an amazing opportunity to learn, network, develop skills and paaaaaaaartaaaay! We discuss increasing the value of a college degree with special guests Cara Simmons and Brittany Smith. Learn about the Student Success and Career Centers, as well as how to enter the Guild of People Who Know People.

Episode 12: Behavioral Finance

Did you know April is Financial Literacy Month? On Nothing Funny About Money, we’re celebrating the human mind… the irrational, biased, and financially illiterate human mind… with special guests Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and Danny Kofke!

Episode 11: Taxes

Spring’s here… are you excited? It’s tax time! On this month’s episode of Nothing Funny About Money, we’re talking about taxes with special guest Jimmy Sanders.

Episode 10: Paying for College While You’re There

Gotta pay tuition somehow! We discuss strategies for increasing income and cutting college costs while you’re in school – including how best to use student loans! We’re joined by Brenda Vaughn and a very bad parent.

Episode 9: The Meaning of Christmas

The holidays are coming up. Are you excited? We discuss the financial implications of the meaning of Christmas with Ark Athens’s Stephanie Cockfield and a very special surprise guest.